ENERGY SOLUTIONS NETWORK, INC. co-founded the Energy Professionals Network (EPNetwork) as a way to deliver superior value to new and repeat-business clients. We leverage the expertise of EPNetwork affiliated companies to tailor the right sized, right priced, highest value, and best fitting energy-savings solutions to our clients and end customers. The key is that Energy Solutions Network and participating EPNetwork companies have very low overhead and profit requirements. EPNetwork brings only the needed professional resources and experts to each project. Many other companies employ hundreds and even thousands of employees who require management, benefits, large office facilities, company cars, and many other items that contribute to their big overhead costs. Why pay for all of that?

The talent pool is flexible, multi-faceted, and strives for independent objectivity. EPNetwork companies do not represent product lines. Therefore we develop best value solutions objectively in the interest of you and your customers, crafting the best solutions using the best and most appropriate products on the market. In contrast, our competitors have a natural bias toward their own manufactured or represented product lines to bolster profit centers, and will attempt to sell you their products despite whether they are the best available solution for you.


The range of EPNetwork expertise is diverse and represents specialties in areas such as HVAC, lighting, motors, process efficiency, control systems, energy information networks, and renewable energy technologies such as ground source heat pumps and solar energy. EPNetwork affiliated professional resources have collectively worked on behalf of every type of ESCo in the United States including utility-based ESCo's, manufacture-based ESCo's and engineering firms. We have collectively developed, implemented and verified over $200,000,000 in guaranteed energy savings contracts. Most EPNetwork professional resources have at least ten years of experience in the industry.


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